What's the value of your home?

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Why Carnival?

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Where does your Realtor advertise?

Here at Carnival, we are heavy on the advertising.  Using both social media and major real estate search sites. 

What do I do to get my home ready to sell?

Paint in neutral colors.

Flooring needs to be replaced or deep cleaned.

Small repairs - Torn window screens, wobbly fans, crooked light fixtures, etc.

Deep Clean the entire home

Smell removal - Get an honest friend to come over. We don't smell our own house the way others do.

Kitchen appliances - Why would a buyer pay top dollar for a kitchen with ancient appliances?

Examine the condition of appliances, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, the roof and structural elements of your house.

Create a notebook using a 3-ring binder that shows all the updates your home has had, what schools and restaurants are nearby, etc.

Half-Empty closets are great, they make your home looks like it has more storage.

Light it up - The brighter your home is the better.  Remember natural light is best.

Pet removal - Sorry, as great as pets are - they stink and create difficulty for showing your home.  See if you have a friend or relative that will watch your pets if at all possible.

De-Clutter - Get rid of most everything.  Spend time on pinterest or the internet finding spaces you think look good, I bet they only have a few pieces furniture.  You might need a storage unit to do this properly.  Plan ahead and take advantage of those neighborhood garage sales or do you own.  Don't forget, whatever you keep, you have to move!

De-Personize - Remove all family photos and things that will detract from your home.

Stage your home, staged homes general return higher dollar values than un-staged homes.


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