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Not sure you have the funds?

No problem!  Give me a call.  We have a solution that reduces all the costs up front to a minimal fraction as long as you agree to stay with us for a year after you get your license.

Don't worry!

  • We have some of the best splits in town.
  • We have an experienced broker.
  • We have an experienced CEO.
  • We will help you through each stage of a purchase or listing.
  • We also have options to get rid of the pesky paperwork.

 Call for more info! 256-542-1771 

My Story

Why Real Estate?

I was a successful engineer at a local, highly sought after corporation.  I had done well, brought in money for the company and had good reviews during review time!  And here I am umpteen years later transitioning over to full-time Real Estate.

What happened?

Well, after my wife and I got married, we bought a house.  Pretty normal story.  Then she got me hooked on HGTV, probably pretty normal too.  I was your typical dreamer and thought, I can do that AND I enjoyed buying my house.  Maybe I can make a little extra spending cash.  So, after a little discussion, we decided why not.  The total cost to get into real estate can run over $2,000, but it is spread out and done in stages.  So, I signed up at a local school and took the classes (using my full year to complete them and get licensed).  

My original intent was to maybe flip a house or two and help out some friends.  It was a pretty perfect second job.

I mean, most clients don't want to take off work.  They want to go after hours, at lunch, or on the weekend.

8 years later, my sphere of influence grew, my referral base was growing, and the current owner of Carnival decided he wanted to focus elsewhere.  So, after some more discussion, we purchased the company.

I mean, why not?!?! I've always wanted to be a "business owner"!

Every year I have been in has been profitable.  You typically need one sale to break even for your dues, CEs, eKeys, signs, etc.  Everything else is vacation money, car money, gun money, fun money, debt money, missionary support money, or whatever else you might want to do.

Is this for me?

Do you like to talk to folks?

Do you like house flipping shows?

Do you like to negotiate a win-win?

Do you mind some work after hours and on the weekend?

Do you like some extra work you can do with your kids or spouse?

If yes to any of these, call me and lets talk!


So, what next?


  1. No problem, signup so that you can get more info from me
  3. and then go watch this video 
  5. Finally, email me once you have watched the video, I will answer any final questions you have.