So, whatever you goals are in life, what is your morning routine?

This is a great question for any goal, spiritual, physical, work related, etc.!

Do you pray, read God's word, go to they gym, run, do your hour of power?

Whatever it is, fix it on your calendar!


Here are some great ideas for your morning goals for real estate, do them everyday, track them, 

1. HOUR OF POWER - this is non-negotiable. Set your goals on touches per day, and make those calls.

2. GAIN MARKET INTELLIGENCe - expireds, cancelleds, withdrawns, market stats, etc. Know your numbers.

3. SET APPOINTMENTS - find someone to meet, have coffee with, do a presentation, help someone else meet their business goals.


Here are some good things to do every once in a while:

1. Last time you reviewed your marketing plan?

2. Review your business plan, are you on track?

3. Reminder, you, as an independent contractor, are running your own business!

4. Improve your toolset.

5. Read a new script.

6. Review new legs of business.


Here is a video that sheds some light on these items!