Part 2 from Tom Ferry's post with my thoughts on what that might look like.
2. Not Strategic (From Tom Ferry)
Can you explain your market trends easily? Do you truly know your market? What’s selling? What’s not?
To survive in real estate, you need to look at your marketplace from a strategic standpoint.
You must look at the hot sheets every day.
You’ve gotta own that knowledge and become the knowledge broker in your market.
It’s not enough to simply like houses and enjoy working with people.
Take a step back, analyze your market and make sure you know it, and you know your place in it.
For more on this topic, watch this video.
My Thoughts:
Set aside 30 minutes every day and do 1 thing. Here are some things you can start doing:
1. Get on the MLS and look at various hot subdivisions
2. Go to open houses.
3. Preview a home in a hot subdivision and then post pics while you are there. (Pick an empty one so you don't kick someone out).
4. Watch a video on something real estate.
5. Run a comp on a house for fun.
6. Go through a CD and understand each number and what it is for on a closing disclosure.
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